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Voice Dialogue, the Psychology of Selves, Relationships,  & the Aware Ego Process   created by Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone, clinical psychologists, and internationally known teachers and innovators in the field of psychology


The Texas institute of Voice Dialogue Training



M. Dorsey Cartwright, LPC, LMFT & A. Neil Meili, PR

Psychotherapist & Poet, Austin, Texas, USA


    We are delighted and honored to be part of a network of teachers and trainers who are taking this work out into the world.


   M. Dorsey Cartwright, M.Ed., LPC, LMFT, CCMHC, CIRT (Certified Imago Relationship Therapist & Workshop presenter – www.ImagoWorks.com):  I have been a practicing psychotherapist since 1975. I began training with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone in 1987 and joined their staff in 1991.  I developed International Voice Dialogue Teacher's Training Manual, 1992.   Later that year, with Dr. Bill Crawford, I created, Healing Your Relationships through Voice Dialogue and Imago Relationship Therapy, an audiotape series.

   As founder of the Texas Institute of Voice Dialogue Training, I presented at conferences for the  Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, Texas Psychological Association, Texas Counseling Association, Texas Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse, the first Association of Imago Relationship Therapists, and with Richard Schwartz at the 2nd Annual Internal Family Systems Conference-- as well as at my own center.


    A. Neil Meili,  published poet, storyteller, business executive and writing workshop leader.  Falling in love with Voice Dialogue as well as with Dorsey in romantic Kauai, Neil has completed his Level II/III training with the Stones.  His use of  the work in business adds  to its application and grounds it in the practical world. Neil is the author of Shrinking heads; Expanding hearts: the psychology poems, which contains many Voice Dialogue & Imago poems and The secret life of icebergs, with a wonderful, fun, insightful Voice Dialogue Bonding Pattern poem. Some of his poems may be found in Deepening the Conscious Self, An Advanced Tool Kit (CD)


   Together we have trained therapists, often with their partners, in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, California, and exotic Mykonos, Greece. In 2003 we co-presented at The Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington, DC and The Israeli Marriage and Family Conference near Tel Aviv.

This year, 2004, our focus has been training therapist in Austin, TX., our new home. You are giving two trainings in Maryland, and possibly in Florida and South Africa before the year ends.


We have discovered that being aware of our many selves and using the Voice Dialogue method adds a tremendous sense of safety, fun, good-will, and creativity to our relationship. We are delighted to bring this process to others. Neil & Dorsey

   All questions and inquiries are appreciated:


We will be in Toronto from June 8 till we head for Maryland. Thus, from now to June 7...please contact Dorsey at 512-444-7733.  After June 7 call us on Neil's Canadian cell phone 403-870-9525.


Email: Dorsey@VoiceDialogueTrainings.com





Our next training:


Voice Dialogue, Relationships, and the Psychology of Selves

with M. Dorsey Cartwright, LPC, LMFT, CCMHC & Neil Meili

Potomac, Maryland, USA


Level 1 - Basic: July 9, 10, 11*

Level 2 - Advance: July 16, 17, 18*


 Many psychological theories have embraced the notion of the psyche containing different parts: early psychoanalytic theory (Id, Ego, and Super Ego), Jungian Analysis, Gestalt, Virginia Satir’s work, Transactional Analysis, Psychosynthesis, NLP, Psychodrama, and Internal Family Systems - to name a few.


This training is based on the Psychology of the Selves and the Aware Ego, as developed by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone** and the Voice Dialogue Method - their unique technique for actually meeting these inner selves.  This is so important because these selves carry the attitudes and patterns that control much of our lives. Each self has it’s own energy, feelings, thoughts and needs. These selves are in constant interaction with one another and other people. They are often the source of both our internal and external power struggles!


You will learn:


v     The normal development of the selves 

v     How the selves function in daily life

v     The simple, archetypal patterns of the selves’ interactions

 in all relationships.


You will experience:


v    Working directly with the selves using the

Voice Dialogue method

v     Working with the Aware Ego – a unique, energetic way to

       integrate the selves

v    Demonstrations with individuals & couples


     These trainings, each limited to 12 therapists, offer an opportunity to explore directly the nature of these interactions within yourself and your own relationships. Experiencing from the inside out will enhance your ability you to use this knowledge and method with your clients.

Tuition $375.00 per Training ~ $700:00 for both


M. Dorsey Cartwright, LPC, LMFT, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist & Workshop Presenter, has been training with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone since 1987 and is the author of the International Voice Dialogue Teacher's Training Manual. With Dr. Bill Crawford she created, Healing Your Relationships through Voice Dialogue and Imago Relationship Therapy, an audiotape series.  www.imagoworks.com


Neil Meili, published poet, storyteller, and writing workshop leader, fell in love with Voice Dialogue as well as with Dorsey, and has completed his Level II/III training with the Stones.

He is the author of Shrinking heads; Expanding hearts: the psychology poems, which contains manyVoice Dialogue & Imago poems and The secret life of icebergs, with a wonderful, fun, insightful Voice Dialogue Bonding Pattern poem.


**   Developed by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, authors of, Embracing Our Selves, Embracing Each Other, Partnering, and Embracing Your Inner Critic.   


"Neil and Dorsey are knowledgeable, sensitive, intuitive teachers...a great team!"
Karen Olshansky, MSW, CIRT, Virginia


Since 2000, Neil and Dorsey have trained therapists, and often their partners as well, in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, and exotic Mykonos, Greece. In 2003 they co-presented at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington, DC and The Israeli Marriage and Family Conference near Tel Aviv. They share a commitment to making this work available to as many couples & therapists as possible, “We have discovered that being aware of our many selves and using the Voice Dialogue method adds a tremendous sense of safety, fun, good-will, and creativity to our relationship, as well as to our workshop.” Neil & Dorsey


*Level 1 is a basic introduction to the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego, with personal work of being facilitated in Voice Dialogue and opportunity to experience facilitating.


Level 2 focuses on how the selves interact in relationships, (Bonding Patterns) and how to use Voice Dialogue with couples. (Level 1 or previous Voice Dialogue training is a prerequisite)


Hours for each day:

Friday: 2:00 pm –9 pm  (light meal at workshop)

Saturday: 9:00 am – 9:00pm (lunch at workshop; dinner break)

Sunday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (lunch at workshop)

Friday & Saturday evenings will be Video Fest of the Stones

Neil & I will be in Toronto June 8 till we head for Maryland. Thus, from June 1-7...please contact Dorsey at 512-444-7733. After June 7 call us on Neil's Canadian cell phone 403-870-9525. Thank you.


REGISTRATION - Contact Dorsey at 512-444-7733 or Mdcartw@aol.com

Make check payable to M. Dorsey Cartwright  1714 B, Barton Hills Dr., Austin, TX. 78704






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Thank you! Dorsey & Neil


Testimonials from Imago Therapists who have experienced our trainings:


"Before the AIRT Asilomar Conference conference, Barbara and I attended a three day training with Dorsey Cartwright on Voice Dialogue and we both found it extremely helpful.  It is a

perfect fit with Imago Therapy and another way to deepen the work.  Dorsey is a fabulous trainer.  Clear, boundaried and empathic.  She facilitated Barbara and me in a demo and I was so impressed with her skill."  Maya Kollman, Master Trainer


"Dorsey Cartwright in combination with Voice Dialogue creates a powerful therapeutic experience with both positive and permanent results." - Pat Love, Ed.D. Master Trainer, Texas


"Two areas that I find Voice Dialogue especially helpful. One is when a couple is really struck in the power struggle I know they are caught up in a particular self (or cluster of selves) - often when I work with that self, then I can move them back into more conscious dialoguing. The other is working directly with developmental needs - with a person's essence being the vulnerable child and the character structure being the various primary selves that develop at each stage to protect and try to get the child's needs met.  Now I can talk directly with those protectors and help the client be more conscious of and at choice as to how they take care of their vulnerabilities."  Maryrita Weiner MA, LPC, CIRT, Washington, DC


"The Voice Dialogue can quickly engage another consciousness and get one out of the analytical head or reactive self smoothly.  For therapists it is a wonderful tool to help with the defenses and gain insight.  For couples, it's non-threatening.  This is one of the most powerful and transformational experiences I've ever had both personally and professionally."

   Georgina Webster, MSW, CSW, Advanced Imago Clinician, New York


"My most significant learning was primarily about myself and my 'bonding patterns.' I learned that Voice Dialogue is a very gentle and powerful method.  Also, it can integrate and complement Imago work very effectively.


It [the training] is a very special opportunity to quietly learn what will be of durable personal importance for now, and for future years.   Allow yourself a gift that will enable you to embrace the gifts existent in all your selves."   Sam Lison, MS, CIRT, Israel


"Hi Folks,

We want to thank you all for the wonderful experience learning the Voice-Dialogue in this workshop in Chicago. We used the voice dialogue this week in different therapy sessions, Eveline in Single therapy, I in Imago and the results were really amazing. Also in our relationship we used it and it brings us another piece of clearness and nearness. So, you see, we start to be real Voice Dialogue fans."   Eveline Eichmann and Klaus Brehm, CIRTS, Austria


"I too have used Voice Dialogue and have foundit very helpful, even amazing! I continue to be held by the insights I gained from my own facilitation. My clients are enthusiastic as well. Thanks, Dorsey and Neil, it was great training!"  Alice Carlton, LCSW, CIRT, North Carolina


"The technique felt laser sharp at identifying inner conflicts. Tuning up or down the dial for a particular voice was a soothing way to empower and achieve self-acceptance. I also enjoyed watching Dorsey work with a couple, and it was helpful in modeling how to do this. Voice Dialogue is fascinating and remarkably experiential.  I loved Neil's poems, and it was a pleasure to watch the two of you co-create a wonderful experience for our group. I learned a lot from the two of you."  Linda K. Seeman, Ph.D., CIRT, Virginia


"Voice Dialogue fits very well with Imago Therapy. When one partner is

blocked, Voice Dialogue frees them to feel more respect for themselves and

their partners." - Marjorie Hill, CIRT, Denmark


"I was immediately able to use what I had learned with my clients. This

was the most useful training I have been to in years."

Ann Dobbertin, LCSW-C,  CIRT, Maryland


"Voice Dialogue and Imago Relationship Therapy really enrich and complement one another. Dorsey and Neil, you were great! You really gave it your all!" 

Susan Villet, MS, LPC, CIRT France



Although it may not be apparent to you


the non apparent parent in you


is more than apparent to me



Although to be perfectly fair


it's not likely I'll mess with a hair


as long as you're taking good care



But when it gets too big for its thighs


when it starts to guilt and to criticize



Something will change in a blink of our eyes


and it'll be fighting with something its size



Even though it may not be apparent to me


I'm gonna go running to the parent in me



If I tell my Dad he'll have something to say




if I tell my Mom there'll be hell to pay



Neil Meili














What is Voice Dialogue?


The Voice Dialogue Method is a technique that gives instant access to these selves, enabling the therapist or coach to explore each self individually. The Facilitator 9therapist or coach) asks to speak to a certain self, e.g., “Let me talk to the part of you that doesn’t want you to rock the boat.”  The client then physically moves to a different place. This simple act of physically moving allows the self to separate from the whole person (the ego) and be experience and dialogued with in its pure form. Rather than spending session after session talking about thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, the facilitator can go straight to the source. Such direct interaction not only speeds up the therapeutic process, it enlivens it for both client and facilitator. This is a most fascinating phenomenon of which I never cease to be in awe of.


 Through the use of Voice Dialogue, the facilitator can unearth the basic qualities of each self, its history, and its impact upon an individual's life and relationships. This increases your clients’ daily awareness of these selves (those voices inside our heads!), and trains them in how to make conscious deliberate use of these selves rather than having them live or control their lives.


 This method strengthens the ego’s ability to respectfully tune into the various selves and make the best decision for the whole person. The ego becomes the well functioning CEO of the personality, no longer victimized by the power struggle of the selves. We call this the Aware Ego process, an ego that can truly hold, in fact, dance with the tensions of the opposites.


The energetic shifts that are experienced from self to self is what amazes and impacts people the most.  This training increases your sensitivity to this aspect of the selves within you, and your clients.  Matching your energy to your clients’ develops rapport and can lead to change. This can also be taught to your clients. The Voice Dialogue method is not a therapy, or theoretical system. It is a tool that is compatible with almost all theoretical systems and adds something extra to any group of therapists or coaches who include it in their work.


What is the Psychology of Selves?


No one is a single entity; each of us is made of many selves.  These selves are are the smallest units or building blocks of the psyche. Each self is like an actual person living inside of us. Each has their own history, their own way of looking at life, their own way of living in the world. How you will behave in a certain situation will depend upon the self or selves in charge at that moment.


      The Psychology of Selves is the Stones theoretical model of how these selves develop, how they interact in our daily lives and our relationships with others.


Relationship Bonding Patterns “ Even the most ideal relationships have moments in which intimacy is interrupted and good will is in short supply. As we studied the rhythms of relationship and these periods of discomfort, we discovered certain predictable patterns in all of them. We see these patterns as the dance of the selves in relationship, a dance in which the selves, rather than the people, interact”. Hal & Sidra Stone


The Stones’ call these interactions “bonding patterns” because they are automatic, archetypal parent/child interactions, like the bonding that takes place between a parent and an infant. They are apparent in all relationships.




Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone: www.voicedialogue.org


For articles written by the Stones and others:



M. Dorsey Cartwright: www.ImagoWorks.com